Dr. Barry Kerzin Teaching Program – 2014


Dec. 23 – Jan. 5, 2014
Attend teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Collected Lam.rim texts
Sera Monastery

Jan. 7 – 21, 2014
Attend teachings of Jangtse Choeje Rinpoche
Sera Je monastery

Hong Kong (Jan. and Feb. 2014 – 4 weeks)

Visiting Professor Hong Kong University
HKU School of Medicine

>> Training Compassion in Health Care
>> Importance of Honesty and Integrity in the Practice of Medicine
>> Cultivating Humility
>> Working with Anger
>> Kindness

Centre for Buddhist Studies Graduate School

>> Death and Dying
>> Emptiness
>> Modern Science and Buddhist Science
>> Compassion and Bodhicitta

Oasis from Hospital Authority

Oasis has the responsibility of caring for the mental and spiritual
and health care of the 65,000 employees of the Hong Kong hospitals.

Seminar on Honesty, Compassion To Self and Others, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Generosity

Hong Kong Cancer Centre

Lecture on Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Preparing for a Dignified Death and Dying

Tergar Meditation Centre Hong Kong

Mingyur Rinpoche’s Hong Kong Dharma Centre

Talk on Cultivating Compassion and Wisdom



Orlando, Florida (March 2014 – one week)

Compassion in Medicine lecture for:
>> Hospital staff at Florida Hospital
>> Importance of Secular Ethics in Health Care
>> Lecture to Medical and Nursing Staff
>> Orlando Regional Cancer Centre (M.D. Anderson Cancer Centre)

Ventura, California (March 2014 – one week)

Public Talk to 300 people on
>> The Value of Honesty and Integrity and Warm Heart

Two-day Meditation Shamatha Retreat

Palo Alto, California (March 2014 – one week)

Skoll Foundation Leadership Seminar
Importance of Honesty and Compassion seminar
40 – 50 Skoll Foundation staff members

Meeting with Professor Abraham Verghese, M.D.
Stanford University Professor of Medicine

Director of Stanford University Medical Grand Rounds (Seminars)

Invitation to Stanford University Medical School to give a

Grand Rounds lecture on Compassion on June 24, 2015

Amherst, Massachusetts (March 2014 – one week)
Smith College

Teaching topics:
compassion and recognizing and reducing destructive emotions to students in a variety of classes, including Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, and History.

 Two-day seminar on complementary medicine and compassion from the perspectives of different cultures

Japan (April 2014 – 14 days)

Mind and Life Conference
Mapping the Mind Lecture
Kyoto, Japan

Mindfulness training for the education at Tama Juvenile Girls Prison

This is a second program in a planned series of programs. From these programs we plan to develop an ethics curriculum for Japanese adolescent prisoners as requested by the Ministry of Justice, Department of Corrections [Prisons]. There is also interest from the Ministry of Education for a similar ethics curriculum for the schools in Japan, but this is still in the discussion phase.

Hachioji, Tokyo

Live webcast to the staff/ teachers in the juvenile prisons all across Japan, hosted by the Department of Justice
Realizing who we really are

One-day meditation retreat

Meeting with Dean and Chairman of Tokyo Dental University

Joshinin Temple (HH has visited)


Mr. Tanaka.san, Abbot
Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation;
Ten Activities to Cultivate a Happy Life

 Fukuoka University Seminar House

Shantideva’s Bodhicharyavatara commentary
Meditation on Compassion

Fukuoka University Seminar House

Living a Transparent Life lecture
Heart Sutra commentary

Chikushi Joshien

Juvenile Girls Prison

Leading a Good Healthy Life

Meditation Introduction
Izu Kogen

Meditation Retreat – 3-days

Mind is like a parachute; it works best when it is open

Mongolia (April and May, 2014 – 24 days)

Lectures in Universities

Public Talks

Organized by Oser Rinpoche (Assistant Butemj)
Translator: Prof. Lhakpademchig

Jampaling Centre (Panchen Otrul Rinpoche’s centre)

Deeping our Understanding of Buddhism lecture to 75 people

The Zanabazar Buddhist University, Gandantegchenling

Buddhism and Science to 250 students

Meeting with Dr.Prof.Ochir-Bat
Director of the University of Science and Technology

The Otoch Manramba Medical College

Multi-dimensional Human Experience in Health and Illness lecture (200 People)

Finding Happiness through the teachings of the Buddha
Lecture and meditation

Jebtsundamba Center

150 people mostly between 20 – 40 years old
(Invited guests only)

Arts Council of Mongolia

Director: Aruiana
Red Gallery, Khan Bank

Role of Emotions on Immune system modulation lecture and

Meditation training for a more calm and efficient mind
50 Invited Guests – Staff, Donors, Art Student Fellows

Chinggis Khaan Sq.

The Maitreya Project

Meditation and Stress management lecture (150 people)

The National University of Mongolia (NUM)

Neuroscience of meditation and attention lecture (200 Students)

TV talk and interview

Meditation and Compassion — Preparing for our death
Buddha Production

Gwogali Magazine Interview

The Corporate Hotel restaurant
Meditation Training ~ Empowering the Mind     

Chimeddavaa company – 200 employees

Mongolian Traditional Medicine Doctors seminar

Role of Meditation in Medical Care’
Translator: Ganzorig – 50 doctors and staff

MSM Company Staff

Stress Management and Better Decision Making;

Mindfulness and Meditation lecture and discussion
Translator: Lhagvademchig – 150 staff and employees

Hong Kong (June 2014 – 3 days)

10th International Conference on Grief and Bereavement

Death and Dying Conference (Keynote Address to 800 people)

The Buddhist Perspective of the Eight Stages of Death and Dying
Hong Kong University

India (July 2014)

Kalachakra Empowerment by His Holiness in Choglamsar, Ladakh

Taiwan (Oct. 2014 – 11 days)

TEDxTaipei Lecture to about 900 people

Finding Meaningful Happiness
Webcast to world and maybe China

(Active TEDx program in Shanghai – trying to receive an invitation, but might be difficult)

The Role of Emotion in Healing lecture to 100 people

Doctors and staff Taiwan Medical School

Compassion in Medicine and Buddhist Ethics lecture to 200 people

Chi Mei Medical Centre doctors, staff, and patients

Tainan, Taiwan