Dr. Barry Kerzin Teaching Program – 2015

JAPAN 2015

November 3rd – Tokyo

Morning program 10:00~12:00
Dr. Barry will give a talk on how to face living and dying. Presented in English with Japanese interpretation.
How to face death and how to lead life fully.”

Afternoon program 13:00~17:00
Dr. Takashi Hosaka and other St. Luke’s staff will present in Japanese with no English interpretation.

Location: St. Luke’s International University (Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

November 4th – Tokyo

Lessons of Compassion for coaches, consultants and therapists
by Dr. Barry Kerzin.

Time:  18:30~20:45
Location: LMJ Tokyo Seminar Center5F  (Suidobashi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
Language: English with Japanese interpretation

November 7th – 8th – Tokyo

Prescription for Happiness: Compassion Training for Healthcare Teams by Dr. Barry Kerzin.

Time:  Sat. 13:00~17:00,   Sun 10:00~16:00
Location: St. Luke’s International Hospital (Venue TBA, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Beneficial for medical professionals, psychotherapists, and those interested in the fields of general and mental healthcare. Others also welcome.
Language: English with Japanese interpretation

November 10th – Tokyo

Shantideva. “A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life” 

Time:  19:00~21:00
Location: Akashi-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo  (Venue TBA)

Language: English with Japanese interpretation

November 12th – 15th – Mt Fuji Lake

Meditation 4 day Retreat, Mt. Fuji Lakes with Dr. Barry Kerzin 
“The Heart of Education: Compassion, Care & Ethics”

Time:  Thurs 3:30 pm-Sun 2:00 pm
Location: Shoji Mount Hotel
301, Shoji, Fuji Kawagushiko cho, Minami Tsuru Gun, Yamanashi Prefecture.
Language: English with Japanese interpretation

November 18th – Fukuoka

Beyond Empathy:  Road to Happiness    

Time:  19:00~21:00
LocationACROS Fukuoka Foundation, Seminar Room 
1-1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture


September 4th Arrival in Moscow
September 5th Flight to Tuva
September 7th -10th Program in Tuva
September 11th flight to Moscow at 9.35, arrival at 10.25
September 12th -14th Program in Moscow
September 15th Flight to Krasnodar
September 16th -18th Program in Krasnodar
September 19th Drive to Kalmykia
September 20th -25th Program in Elista
September 26th Flight to Moscow
September 27th Flight to Mongolia

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30th June 2015

6 – 7:30 p.m. Dr. Kerzin will give at Stanford University a lecture on ‘Compassionate Living’ to the Stanford CCARE community.

24th June 2015

8 – 9 a.m. Dr Kerzin will make at Stanford University a Medical Grand Rounds presentation on ‘The Science Behind Meditation’ to the faculty, and medical students of Stanford Medical School. There will also be doctors from the community in attendance.

15th April 2015

The week of April 13 Dr. Kerzin will be participating in the Skoll World Forum in Oxford read more

March 2015

Dr. Kerzin was invited to Paris in the second week of March, 2015 to join a Mind and Life Institute conference on Phenomenology. Under the guidance of Prof. Claire Petitmengin and Prof. Michel Bitbol and others, participants intensified their efforts in the challenge of experience elicitation using ground-breaking methods that could evoke the rich experience of everyday life that is usually hidden.

While in Paris Dr. Kerzin enjoyed the first days of spring, taking long walks and visiting the Guimet Asian Art Museum, the Picasso museum and the Cluny museum near the Sorbonne University which houses collections from the late medieval and early renaissance periods, including notably large and exquisite tapestries featuring the theme of a lady and a unicorn.

4th March 2015

On the evening of 4th March 2015, in Hong Kong University’s Grand Ballroom, Professor Barry Kerzin participated in a conference on “The Meaning of Life in the Universe: A Dialogue between Scientists and Buddhists“. Venerable Ajahn Brahm, an Australian Buddhist monk in the Theravada tradition gave the opening address which was followed by a fascinating panel discussion along with Professor Kerzin and Professor Sun Kwok, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences at the University. Finally the audience of 500 participated in a question and discussion session with the panel covering related subjects such as what, if anything, could have preceded the Big Bang: could everything come out of nothing? What is the nature of consciousness? What is Karma; Compassion; and Ethics as the foundation for the Mahayana Buddhist aspiration to bring all beings to a state of total happiness

12th February 2015

Recentrly Dr. Barry Kerzin has been misquoted in the Siberian Times. This misquote was picked up by the BBC, The Washington Post and various other media. Now an article by Nature World News has just been published correcting the misinformation.

Hong Kong, 26th January 2015

Dr Barry Kerzin, wearing an academic’s gown, gave a “high table dinner talk” about AIMI to over 700 students of Chi Sun College at Hong Kong University. Numerous students had so many questions afterwards that the college invited him back for an extra Q & A session with them.

Everyday, Dr Kerzin has been giving talks about compassion, meditation, modern science and buddhist science as well as courses on buddhism – bodhicitta, mapping the mind, and emptiness at different departments and colleges of the University, as well as outside it amongst the general community. There is, for example, an upcoming talk at the Asia Society of HK, which has amongst its members many important leaders of the Hong Kong business, academic, political and other professional communities.

Dr Kerzin will also be giving a talk at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Hong Kong (FCC HK) to the journalists in this part of the world.

There may be interested individuals amongst the audiences of these kinds of events will be coming forward to help support AIMI, especially when they encounter the work of Dr. Kerzin.

Both the School of Medicine and the Centre for Buddhist Studies Masters Program are discussing a way to make Dr. Kerzin a little more permanent by bestowing an Honorary Professorship on him. It could be two, one from the Medical Faculty and the other from the Center for Buddhist Studies.

In summary, Dr Barry reports that all is going very well there in Hong Kong and interest in AIMI is growing rapidly. On a personal level, Dr Barry reports that his health is excellent and he has started taking traditional Chinese medicine as well as acupuncture, which is working well, he sees the doctor every Wednesday. As Hong Kong’s streets are steep and his residence is at Robert Black College at the top end of the university campus area, he is getting plenty of exercise just walking up and down as well as playing tennis several times a week.

Dr Kerzin thanks all the readers of this report all from the bottom of his heart for making that extra effort to bring AIMI back to life. “2015 will be a wonderful year of growth for AIMI” he foresees, and adds that “as we become more active, we will reflect in more depth on its future aims and direction”. Watch this space!