Reviving basic human caring
in medical practice

What we do

Altruism in Medicine Institute's (AIMI) mission is to increase compassion and resilience among health care professionals and their patients. We deliver lectures and workshops; write curriculum; publish books; and collaborate on metrics to measure outcomes.  Over the past years our compassion trainings have impacted a growing number of health care professionals.


Resilience programs for medical professionals, including a resilience program for 18,000 UPMC nurses, currently underway. Others include Medical Grand Rounds, White Coat Ceremony keynote addresses, and workshops on a global scale.

CME Courses

We are developing curricula for CME (Continuing Medical Education) courses for doctors to begin in December 2018 at UPMC (Pittsburgh). CME courses are being developed for other healthcare systems.


AIMI is involved in global research programs that, based on the plasticity of the brain, show the physical and emotional impact of compassion and meditation.


We publish articles, books, and interactive series on altruism, compassion and resilience, especially targeting health care professionals.


>> AIMI started training 18,000 UPMC Nurses
in Compassion, Mindfulness, and Resilience. <<
>> AIMI became a CME Provider. <<



Compassion programs in health care completed


Health care professionals & leaders trained


Medical students


Healing outcomes positively touched

Emotional Supplements

Emotional Supplements can be considered a First Aid Kit for health care professionals. Aware of the taxing daily demands the medical profession has on a physical as well as mental and emotional level, AIMI is presenting tools and resources in the form of articles, podcasts, interactive video series and more, to counterbalance negativity and stress.

Moving Beyond
Fear & Anxiety

Fear & Anxiety freezes us and stunts our growth. The resources provided help you in your endeavour to reduce and eliminate your fear dragons. First you learn to recognize your fears and anxieties, then you embrace them, and finally let go of them completely.
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Burnout & Depression

Burnout and Depression are often inseparable pairs. We burn the candle at both ends, often overlook first signs. Whether we are suffering from depression and burnout already, or are feeling tired and blue, these resources are for you. Please enjoy!
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Becoming Resilient,
Relaxed & Happy

Due to the taxing daily demands of the profession, health care professionals often tend to be exhausted and tense. Learning to be resilient does not only mean having more energy, but also means to be more balanced by being relaxed and happy.
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