Moving Beyond Anger

Anger affects our life in many negative ways, like a red thread of negativity. The resources provided here help you in your endeavour to reduce and eliminate anger.

4 Ways to Eliminate Anger

4 ways to eliminate your anger. Anger plays a vicious role in virtually all our lives. However, over time, through practice, we can reduce and eliminate it.

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Recognizing Kindness

Recognizing the kindness that we receive from others, even the ones we don't know or people that we have issues with, can help to reduce our anger.

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Walking Meditation

Especially great for people who like to be active. Walking meditation helps to calm our mind, heart and spirit.

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Be Here Now, to Calm Anxieties -
Unclouded Podcast

Giving in to just being can help us tremendously in calming down, to let go and relax. Just let it be. Enjoy!

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Mindfulness in the Present Moment

Being able to be present can be a real gem in our lives. Be here, in the now and then, and become aware of anger and other negative emotions in their early stages.

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On Anger

Dr. Kerzin talks about anger at CCare Stanford Medicine.

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Who are you? - Unclouded Podcast

During this podcast episode, we talk about the real you. Who are you really? Getting to the base of who you really are can help you in many aspects of your life, including tackling emotions of fear and anxiety.

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Inner Peace

Dr. Kerzin talks about inner peace at CCare Stanford Medicine.

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Healthy Self-Confidence

Healthy Self-Confidence has nothing to do with arrogance, it means neither putting down ourselves nor others.

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