Burnout & Depression

Burnout and Depression are often inseparable pairs. We burn the candle at both ends, often overlook first signs. Whether you are suffering from depression and burnout already, or are feeling tired and blue, these resources are for you. Please enjoy!

Pain & Power of Mind - An Overview

Burnout and Depression are very painful. They rock us to our core, we question our existence. Even during the bleakest of times, there is something we can do to reduce our pain. Never give up!

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Expanding Our View of the Mind

Evan Thompson, PhD

In this episode, Wendy speaks with philosopher of mind Evan Thompson about embodied cognition and contemplative science. This is one of our longer shows, and is full of rich content. Evan is one of the earliest contributors to advancing the dialogue between Buddhism and Western science through his work with Mind & Life co-founder Francisco Varela, and he’s spent decades exploring how the human mind extends beyond the brain, throughout the body and into the world.

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Turning Inward - Staying in the Present

Our health is benefited by being able to drop into the present by will. Dr. Kerzin talks about turning inward at California Lutheran University.

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Cleaning out your Junk - Unclouded Podcast

To start healing we need to lighten our load. Listen to Cleaning out our Junk to start your own healing by simplifying.

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Transforming Destructive Emotions

Jealousy and anger are emotions that constrict us, they hurt us tremendously. Transforming them into positive thought patterns liberates us and saves our precious energy.

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Emotional Hygiene -
Keeping our Negative Emotions in Check

Dr. Barry Kerzin talks about Emotional Hygiene at CCare Stanford Medicine. Keeping our negative emotions in check is crucial in the well-being of others as well as our own.

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Anger Management

Anger is one of those negative emotions that can hurt us very much, and contribute to burnout and depression. Managing our anger is vital to us and our direct environment.

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Mindfulness & Mastery in the Workplace:
21 Ways to Reduce Stress during the Workday

Saki F. Santorelli

Practical ways that you can incorporate in your daily routine to start stress reduction.

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Calm under pressure?
Run your business the mindful way

Palma Michel

Mindfulness could help make you more resilient, regulate stress and increase emotional intelligence. Here are some practical tips for introducing it in your daily routine.

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On the Road to Feeling Good Again

For many of you it has been a while since you have felt good. We need to keep trusting in ourselves, our path, our inner strength. This video gives you practical tips how you get on or stay on your own personal path to feeling good again.

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Showing gratitude can give us so much. Dr. Kerzin gives us some insights about the beautiful emotion of gratitude.

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Burnout and Satisfaction With Work-Life Balance Among US Physicians Relative to the General US Population

Tait D. Shanafelt, MD; Sonja Boone, MD; Litjen Tan, PhD; et al

Practical ways that you can incorporate in your daily routine to start stress reduction.

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Finding Focus Among The Chaos -
Unclouded Podcast

In our busy digital lives, our mind is being pulled in all directions. This episode of the Unclouded Podcast aims to help you tune out the chaos, and turn on calm focus.

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Mindfulness in the Present Moment

Coming into the present moment, being mindful, frees us from a common habit of living in the past and future. The past is gone, the future hasn't come. Let go of it, be free and happy!

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Happiness: A Guide to Developing
Life's Most Important Skills

Matthieu Ricard

Although we are materially better off than ever before, surveys show that we are depressed and listless. In his revolutionary book, Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard shows that happiness is not just an emotion, but a skill that can be developed. Free of jargon, Happiness contains simple exercises that will train the mind to recognize and pursue happiness by concentrating on the fundamental things in life, and in doing so change the way we view the world.

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Healing Our Doubt - Unclouded Podcast

This episode is all about self-compassion. Healing your self-doubts is a beginning to breaking free from the fangs of burnout and depression. Be kind to yourself!

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