Moving Beyond
Fear & Anxiety

Fear & Anxiety freezes us and stunts our growth. The resources provided help you in your endeavour to reduce and eliminate your fear dragons. First you learn to recognize your fears and anxieties, then you embrace them, and finally you let go of them completely.

Compassion - Bridging Practice and Science

The downloadable e-book describes many different forms of compassion practice from various perspectives such as experiences in schools, in psychotherapy, coaching, or in the end-of-life care. Theoretical core concepts from a psychological, a Buddhist, or an evolutionary point of view are discussed. Furthermore, many of the newest scientific findings and secular training programs are presented in this volume.

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No Fear No Death: The Transformative
Power of Compassion

Barry Kerzin, M.D.

No Fear – No Death: The Transformative Power of Compassion brings together Dr. Kerzin's insights on the essential teachings for living a life of happiness, compassion, and service. This small book contains rich ideas and simple suggestions for living well along with profound insights on living and dying well. No Fear - No Death includes a Foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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The Science of Meditation

Richard Davidson, PhD

In this podcast episode, Wendy speaks with neuroscientist, psychologist, and director of the Center for Healthy Minds, Richard (Richie) Davidson. Richie is one of the founders of contemplative science, and shares his perspective on the past, present, and future of the field.

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Moving Beyond Fear & Anxiety - An Overview

Fear & Anxiety can take our lives hostage if we let them. There are many aspects at the base of these debilitating emotions. This overview gives you an idea of what we can work on, and invites you to explore some of our other videos on the topic. Stay strong!

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The Role of Fear

Have you ever thought what role Fear plays for you? Fear doesn't come out of thin air, it fulfils a role. Get to the root of it, and begin to take the wind of fear's sails now. The earlier you begin, the better.

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9-Round Breathing - Yoga of The Breath

9 Round Breathing is very helpful for a quick calming effect when anxious and stressed out. It is a great practice first thing in the morning after getting up, or anytime you feel stressed, anxious or unbalanced.

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Be Here Now, to Calm Anxieties -
Unclouded Podcast

Giving in to just being can help us tremendously in calming down, to let go and relax. Just let it be. Enjoy!

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Accepting and Embracing Fear

You might think: "Why accept and even embrace fear?" Maybe you are surprised to hear this, but accepting and embracing does not mean holding on forever, it is actually part of the process of ridding yourself of these crippling emotions. Watch to find out more.

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Inner Peace - How to Stay Centered

Dr. Kerzin talks about inner peace at CCare Stanford Medicine.

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Who are you? - Unclouded Podcast

During this podcast episode, we talk about the real you. Who are you really? Getting to the base of who you really are can help you in many aspects of your life, including tackling emotions of fear and anxiety.

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Moving Beyond Fear using
Contemplative Meditation

In this video you will learn about healing yourself and others through contemplative meditation. First starting with yourself, and then others.

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At His Own Wake, Celebrating Life
and the Gift of Death

Catherine Porter

Tormented by an incurable disease, John Shields knew that dying openly and without fear could be his legacy, if his doctor, friends and family helped him.

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Healthy Self-Confidence

Healthy Self-Confidence has nothing to do with arrogance, it means neither putting down ourselves nor others.

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