Becoming Resilient,
Relaxed & Happy

Due to the taxing daily demands of the profession, health care professionals often tend to be exhausted and tense. Learning to be resilient does not only mean having more energy, but also means to be more balanced by being relaxed and happy.

Resilience through Compassion - Dr. Barry Kerzin on Dr. Rob Orman's Stimulus Podcast

"Compassion is the wish and the action, when we're able, to reduce or even eliminate pain and suffering." Dr. Barry Kerzin

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Using Compassion to deal with the 2020 pandemic

An interview for Stanford Radio Station KZSU-90.1 FM Modern Tek News, withDr. Barry Kerzin, from Dharmsala in April 2020, to share HH The Dalai Lama's message of using Compassion to help deal with the 2020 pandemic. Dr. Kerzin shared his advice on how to cope in these trying times, and discussed some of the Compassion programs that his Altruism in Medicine Institute teaches around the world to physicians, nurses, teachers, as well as the police force in Pittsburgh, PA, and other groups. The interview was conducted by Ms. Labiba Boyd.

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Resilience Through Music:
Ballerina with Alzheimer's hears swan lake, begins to dance

Witnessing a ballerina with Alzheimer's finding a resilient and happy moment through the music that holds a strong sense of pride, happiness and fulfilment for her.

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Dr. Barry Kerzin at TEDxTaipei

Dr. Barry Kerzin talks about the facets that make us human. When was the last time you laughed?

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While introducing his upcoming book Nagarjuna’s Wisdom: A Practitioner’s Guide to the Middle Way, Dr. Kerzin introduces universal compassion called Boddhichita (the mind of awakening). It helps to reduce the various forms of suffering that all of us can relate to very well.

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From Empathy to Compassion in
a Neuroscience Laboratory

Matthieu Ricard

Chapter I.IV of “Altruism: The Power of Compassion to Change Yourself and the World”, Little, Brown and Company (2015)

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Meditation Insights - How to Meditate

You don't need to be a nun or monk to meditate. Dr. Barry Kerzin talks about meditation at an event organized by California Lutheran University. He gives an overview of what meditation is and how it can be of great benefit to us physically and emotionally.

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PBS Documentary - Dalai Lama's American doctor wants more compassion in medicine.

Western trained doctor, professor, and monk Dr. Barry Kerzin is being featured in this PBS documentary. Leaning on buddhist wisdom together with providing pro bono medical help to the local community as well as teaching medical professionals globally, he became resilient, relaxed and happy.

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Take the Test!
How MINDFUL are you?

Jacqueline Carter, Rasmus Hougaard, Rob Stembridge

Mindfulness is the ability to stay focused, while being aware of your thoughts and surroundings and being able to recognize and move past distractions as they arise.

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For Active People: Becoming Calm and Resilient through Walking Meditation.

Even in an urban busy setting with subways rattling and city dwellers moving about, one can reach a calm and resilient state of mind and body. Incorporate this fun way to meditate in your life too!

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Compassion and The Meaning of Life

During a commencement speech at Chi Sun College HKU Hong Kong, Dr. Barry Kerzin speaks about the importance of adopting compassion as a way of life. Many of us are looking for meaning in our lives. Compassion is always a win win situation, as it benefits us and others at the same time.

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Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body

Daniel Goleman & Richard J. Davidson

Exciting, compelling, and grounded in new research, this is one of those rare books that has the power to change us at the deepest level.

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Shamatha Meditation to Focus Your Mind

Using Shamatha (single-pointed) Meditation to focus our mind, and to eliminate distraction. It makes the mind like a laser.

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Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Generosity

Dr. Barry Kerzin speaks about forgiveness, gratitude, and generosity during an event organized by California Lutheran University.

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Nine Round Breathing

9 Round Breathing is very helpful for a quick calming effect when anxious and stressed out. It is also a great practice first thing in the morning after getting up, or anytime you feel stress or unbalanced.

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Seeing Kindness in Others - Unclouded Podcast

We often don't stand still at the kindness shown to us by others. However, becoming aware of it, can really make us more happy and relaxed, a wonderful state to be in.

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Altruism: The Power of Compassion to Change Yourself and the World

Matthieu Ricard

Matthieu Ricard makes a robust and passionate case for cultivating altruistic love and compassion as the best means for simultaneously benefitting ourselves and our society. It's a fresh outlook on an ardent struggle - and one that just might make the world a better place.

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