Pittmed article ‘Cultivating Equanimity’

Interview with Dr. Barry Kerzin on cultivating equanimity, featured in University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine magazine PITTMED.

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PITTMED article ‘Cures for put-downs’

Interview featured in University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine magazine PITTMED.

Barry Kerzin shares a lesson for developing healthy self-confidence:

There’s a kind of mindfulness we teach that’s dropping into the present moment at will. I call it mindfulness with a capital M. There’s a lot of healing and a lot of joy in that; and a lot of love and compassion and wisdom that happens in the present moment.

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Dr. Barry Kerzin Speaker at Inaugural Launch Event of Benevolent AI Future organization

How can AI elevate human consciousness and be used to address pressing global challenges?

The vision of the Benevolent AI Future is to harness the power of artificial intelligence to drive solutions for the most pressing global challenges, and the mission is dedicated to using AI solutions to address critical issues defined by the United Nations 17 Sustainable Global Goals.

Dr. Barry Kerzin | Handling Life’s Challenges with Grace | Talks at Google

Monk, educator and The Dalai Lama’s personal physician Dr. Barry Kerzin discusses how to find meaning and joy in uncertainty, while utilizing practical tools for stress reduction, avoiding burnout and self-compassion.

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I’m Feeling Optimistic About 2023, Thanks to Advice From The Dalai Lama’s Doctor

Dr. Barry Kerzin interviewed by VICE’s Refinery29.

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Interview with the Well Being Project

As part of the series ‘Voices for Wellbeing’, Dr. Barry Kerzin was interviewed by the Well Being Project.

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Inner Work & Wellbeing | Coming Home to Ourselves

Dr. Barry Kerzin during the Closing Session at The Wellbeing Summit for Social Change in Bilbao, Spain.

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Looking Back: ‘Mind Matters’ talk with Ven. Dr. Barry Kerzin

On May 25th, MLE was delighted to welcome Ven. Dr. Barry Kerzin to talk to our community as part of the ‘Mind Matters’ series. In his talk, Barry shared his wisdom and insight from his meditative experiences and explored how we can let go of a fixed identity.

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Dr. Kerzin’s talk frames compassion as a lens to view and act through and within, in the fields of program design, health care and more.

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Allegheny Conference interview with Dr. Barry Kerzin on Channel 11 TV

Allegheny Conference conversation / interview with Bill Flanagan and Dr. Barry Kerzin, aired on Channel 11 TV.

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