The Dalai Lama’s doctor has come to help

An article written by Patricia Sheridan of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on AIMI’s resilience program for 16,000 UPMC nurses and medical professionals, lead by AIMI founder and president Dr. Barry Kerzin.

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SCMP Magazine

“From Berkeley hippy to Dalai Lama’s personal physician – Barry Kerzin’s journey.”
The American doctor and Buddhist monk, a visiting professor at the University of Hong Kong, tells Kate Whitehead about losing his wife, finding faith and how he came to be personal physician to the Dalai Lama.

Published by South China Morning Post Magazine.

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Public Broadcasting Service Television: TV (PBS) USA

Dalai Lama’s American doctor wants more compassion in medicine.

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SCMP Magazine

“How Meditation can improve our health and happiness.”
A visiting medical doctor and Buddhist monk explains benefits.

Published by South China Morning Post Magazine.

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24 TV Interview – TV Russia

Relevance of Buddhism in Modern Life

Lunch Interview of Dr. Barry Kerzin for a Program on Life in Russia

RIA Novosti National Press Corp – TV Russia

Moscow, Russia
Guest Lecture:
Paracelsus and Health Through Balancing the Body and the Mind

Interview by “The Three Wise Guys” – NPR Interfaith Radio

“The Three Wise Guys” NPR Interfaith Radio – Orlando, Florida
Various interviews of Dr. Barry Kerzin between 2013-2018

NPR Interface Radio

News Tribune Interview – UW Tacoma

Larry LaRue, Staff Writer
Article about Dr. Barry Kerzin’s life as the physician of the Dalai Lama.

The Moscow Medical Gazette Interview

Journal in Russia – Oldest and most popular medical journal

Reflections on the Practice of Medicine
from a Buddhist Perspective
Moscow Offices of the Medical Gazette