SCMP Magazine

“How Meditation can improve our health and happiness.”
A visiting medical doctor and Buddhist monk explains benefits.

Published by South China Morning Post Magazine.

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24 TV Interview – TV Russia

Relevance of Buddhism in Modern Life

Lunch Interview of Dr. Barry Kerzin for a Program on Life in Russia

RIA Novosti National Press Corp – TV Russia

Moscow, Russia
Guest Lecture:
Paracelsus and Health Through Balancing the Body and the Mind

Interview by “The Three Wise Guys” – NPR Interfaith Radio

“The Three Wise Guys” NPR Interfaith Radio – Orlando, Florida
Various interviews of Dr. Barry Kerzin between 2013-2018

NPR Interface Radio

News Tribune Interview – UW Tacoma

Larry LaRue, Staff Writer
Article about Dr. Barry Kerzin’s life as the physician of the Dalai Lama.

The Moscow Medical Gazette Interview

Journal in Russia – Oldest and most popular medical journal

Reflections on the Practice of Medicine
from a Buddhist Perspective
Moscow Offices of the Medical Gazette

Magazine of Sweden

Interview of Dr. Barry Kerzin —
Reflections on Core Buddhism Transplanting to the West
Elista, Kalmykia, Russia

TEDx Talk Phoenixville / Philadelphia

TED talk by Dr. Barry Kerzin
“Seeing Kindness in All Others”

Watch the full talk here

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) – TV USA

Documentary Film:  The New Medicine

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